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Jun 8
We are so proud of all of the MatheMagis students who participated and all who placed in several local and foreign competitions! Keep aiming high. This is only the beginning!

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Should you wish your child to join the MatheMagis Competition Team and Competition Development Team, feel free to email us with your mobile no. at admin@mathemagis.com. We will contact you.

Apr 12

The MatheMagis Summer Camp for June – July schedule is here!

Still looking for an academic activity that would fit your child’s schedule this summer? MatheMagis Singapore Maths offers a programs for both advancement and remedial skill-building of Singapore Math. *Enroll with us today and help increase your children’s productive learning time while on break.

JUMPSTART is for 4 to 6 yrs old . This program develops basic Math concepts and enhances analytical skills for the primary grades

BOOST is for Grades 1 to 6. This program strengthens understanding of concepts, strategic thinking and problem solving in increasing complexity

BAR BOOST is for 7 to 14 yrs old. This equips children to conquer complex word problems with the bar model technique in an intensive module

Available in all six (6) branches!
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