Singapore’s most popular online Maths contest, KooBits Challenge, is now in the Philippines

KooBits Maths Challenge, Singapore’s most popular national online Maths contest, participated in by grade school Singaporean students, is now in the Philippines.

Koobits Challenge’s game dynamics make it highly engaging and motivating to students.  It uses the latest technology to design personalized, daily learning activities to help students develop effective study habits, acquire problem-solving and life skills to build a broad and deep foundation for learning. It will be the first nationwide, online Singapore Maths competition in the Philippines for students in grades 1 to 6.

Read on below, or check these slides for more information.


How is KooBits Maths Challenge different from traditional Math contests?


Traditional Maths competition

KooBits Maths Challenge

Usually a single-day event Year-round; 4 seasons in a year, each lasts 3 months
Only the top maths students participate Open to all grade school students
Focused on testing Focused on training and grooming
It’s about how good and intelligent a student is. It’s about how good we want the student to be.
Individual effort Individual activities + social and collaborative learning
  • Recall topics learned in the past
  • A select few students train and study advanced topics
  • Attempt to answer 20 to 50 test questions either written or oral
  •  Improves skills everyday
  • All students get access to more than 65,000 questions and 700 skills
  • Provide multiple pathways in an open and inclusive system which develops different talents in each child
  • Students learn to work effectively with others
  • Learn to have confidence to deal with problems that have no clear-cut solutions
Usually stressful and pressure-filled Fun, motivating and enjoyable process

Who should sign up?

You should sign up your child, or schools can sign up their students if they —

  • Have students 7 to 12 years old and want their students/child to develop good study habits;
  • Believe the student/child is smart but sometimes lacks motivation to push harder and achieve his/her full potential;
  • Want students to turbo-charge their grades in mathematics and improve their problem-solving skills regardless of any kind of Maths curriculum used in school;
  • Are worried about children’s excessive computer time which is often spent in playing games and watching online videos.

What is included in the in the KooBits Maths Challenge Program?

Participants login to www.koobits.com/ph and  are assigned a personalized sets of daily task based on their grade level. They earn points by completing these learning tasks independently. They can also challenge each other to improve fluency in core competencies.

Students will have access to –

  • Daily Challenge questions (10 challenge questions per day, progressively following the Singapore Ministry of Education Maths curriculum and standards
  • Peer Challenge Questions  (max of 3 challenges per day, 15 questions in total)
  • Teaching videos, adaptively pulled out at each point whenever the child is stuck
  • Collaborative and social interaction with other players to form teams,  compete in groups, and develop strategies to earn more points
  • Prizes, badges and certificates for challenge winners

KooBits Maths Challenge Rules and contest format

  • KooBits challenge is open year-long and begins on July 16, 2014 in the Philippines
  • Student earns points when they participate in the Daily Challenge and Peer Challenges
  • Rewards effort as students earn more points the more questions they answer
  • KooBits Maths Challenge has 6 types of leader boards and contest formats

How do I sign up my child / student?

  1. Fill-in the KooBits registration form
  2. Pay the annual registration fee
    • Individual Student Registration P 1, 030 (VAT inclusive)
    • Special school discount (at least 150 students per school) P618.24
    • Sign-up period for the special school discount  is from July 15 to August 14, 2014
    • Contest duration is from now until June 30, 2015
  3. Payment may be made through Mathemagis centers  (www.koobits.com/ph) or through direct bank deposit.
    • Account Name: Explorarium Co. Ltd
    • Account Number: 1811-0010-54
    • Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands
  4. Email deposit slip and registration form to koobitsph@gmail.com
  5. Receive the login and password after three working days vial email
  6. Login at www.koobits.com/ph and start learning and earning points!

Explorarium Co. Ltd is the Philippine Master Country Licensee for Koobits Pte. Ltd. Singapore.  For questions and other details, you may visit KooBits Philippines’ office at Unit 27 Cedar Executive Bldg 1006 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati. You may call us at 779.8519 / 0917.835.8126 or email us at koobitsph@gmail.com.

How can I help bring KooBits to more schools and students?

Apply now to be a sublicensee of KooBits! (click below for more details)