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What parents say about Mathemagis


“Big thanks Mathemagis! My life became so much easier as my daughter started to enjoy Math because of you! Kudos! “

-Shiela, mom of Juliana, Grade 6, CSA


“… after a year and half with Mathemagis , I have seen the improvement in my son. I have come to realize that in Singapore Math, the children are asked to go back to the basics to promote a deeper understanding of numbers and Math concepts. Now that he is in grade 4, he has a solid foundation in which to answer more complex math problems.”

–Sam, mom of Vito, 10 years old

“In the past, my daughter, who is quite intelligent, cries whenever she encounters difficult math problems. Fearing that she will come to hate math, I enrolled her in Mathemagis. Now, Riana, not only enjoys answering math, she also has gained confidence which makes her excel too.”

–Dr. Jen, mom of Riana, 8 years old

“Singapore Math through Mathemagis has given Jom confidence in his ability to learn and excel in this subject.  With his new-found confidence, he also learned to like Math (to the point that he wants to do advance lessons) and not dread it anymore.  No more stressful Maths! And for us parents, this is one less worry from our minds!!!”

–Bebet, mom of Jom, grade 3

“Mathemagis has helped my son significantly in understanding Singapore Math; their after-school program is second to none.”
–Anthony, dad of Marcus, grade 4

“Mathemagis has been very helpful to Ben and to me as well (through the parent seminars).  I notice that he is able to do his homework without help from me, or with minimal help from me.  I think he is much better able to pick up on what is being taught in Math class”

–Isa, mom of Ben, grade 3

“My girls’ Math results improved a lot!”

–K.Timko, mom of Scarlett and Ivy, Gr.1 and Gr. 4

What kids say about Mathemagis

“I like the friendly teachers at Mathemagis.”

–Zeth, 9 years old

“I like the 1) problems, (easy and hard because it helps me improve) 2) toys & aircon, and 3) challenges.”

–Noel, 9 years old

“I learn lots of things. I enjoy the math games.”

–Luis, 7 years old

“I enjoy learning here.”

–Inigo, 7 years old

Mathemagis helped my grades get higher. When I was grade 3 my grades is good and lower but now in grade 4 my grades got higher and I even reached the highest grade in Math which is excellent! Did you know that it's fun learning here too? Because there are fun materials and they even use an iPad to learn so this is great for the little students to learn if they are exposed to gadgets.So people please go to Mathemagis and have a great time.