What makes Singapore Maths effective and different?

Mathemagis Singapore Maths focuses on developing students’ problem-solving skills through conceptual understanding of math principles instead of rote memorization of procedures, visualization strategies instead of abstract explanations, use of bar-models to help students organize and break-down complex problems and fostering algebraic-thinking skills instead of short-cut methods. Students get the best foundation for learning higher math such as algebra, trigonometry and calculus.

This approach allows 6th grade students to confidently answer word problems in College entrance exams without the need to learn algebra.  Imagine what they can do in high school!  Let your children amaze you with their problem-solving skills with Mathemagis’ Singapore Math. Call us now for a free assessment.

Below is an example of a standard 6th grade word problem in ratio:
The ratio of the number of cakes Ann baked to the number of cakes Beth baked was 5:2.  After Ann sold 28 cakes, the ratio became 3:4. How many cakes did each girl have at first?