Jun 8

Use of technology in education, collectively known as ICT (Information and Computer Technology) has been proven to positively affect student achievement in school most specially when ICT directly complements the teaching methodology and principles (Knowledge Map www.infodev.org).  The same study also supports that the use of ICT greatly contributes to student motivation in learning.  Kids want to learn more when they are having fun.  Moreover, Singapore’s Ministry of Education (2012) says that “ICT tools can help students understand mathematical concepts through visualizations and representations. They can also support exploration and experimentation and extend the range of problems accessible to students.”

See how Mathemagis uses the latest in educational technology to make learning fun and effective.

Jun 8

Starting June, kids enrolled in Mathemagis’ Singapore Math program now have exclusive access to Bondanza, an iPad app for levels 1 to 3 which aims to develop children’s mental calculation skills through Singapore Math’s number bonds approach. It directly complements the Mathemagis program and will be used on top of the manipulatives and pen and paper work currently used in the program every session. This greatly helps in motivating kids to learn math and enjoy themselves.

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Where can we get the app?

was developed for exclusive use of Mathemagis and is not available in the iTunes store. Although there are a lot of math programs available, none of them applies the Singapore Math approach and progression to learning math.

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