Singapore math arrives in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

In today’s competitive world, mastery of numbers will give your child an advantage in business, science and technology. As Philippine schools struggle to provide adequate educational support in math, Singapore has charted a proven path through it’s decades long development and implementation of the Singapore math system. This approach has proven itself by the consistently high performance of its students in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).Singapore Math achieves such performance by overhauling the traditional paradigm and shifting from rote calculation to problem solving, from memorization of tables to developing insight into number systems, from fixed methods to flexible and multiple approaches to analysis, and from abstract concepts to practical number skills.

The benefits Singapore math can now be enjoyed by all Filipino students. Proactive parents can help their child by enrolling them in Mathemagis – a pioneering Singapore math enrichment program in the Philippines. While other math enrichment programs focus only on rote arithmetic skills, Mathemagis develops deeper insight and understanding and prepares your child to tackle a wider range of real world applications. Moreover, if your child’s school has adopted the Singapore Math curriculum, Mathemagis will be the perfect preparation and supplement to the learning from the classroom.

Mathemagis is delivered to your child by supportive teachers trained by experts from Singapore and UP not only in Singapore math but also in effective teaching techniques. Together with extensive, effective, and finely tuned teaching materials and relaxing learning spaces, your child’s learning capacities will be maximized. Moreover, our cooperative learning approach also develops social skills and teamwork.

Give your child the gift of achievement now. Enroll them in Mathemagis.