Top 3 Secrets Every Mathemagis Singapore Math Achiever Knows

Congratulations to the Mathemagis students who moved up a level this March. We admire your hard work and dedication in learning Math the Singapore way.
Here are some of the secrets to their success.

1. Consistency

It takes months to move up a level and those who succeed know that regular and consistent attendance is crucial to long-term achievement.

2. Effort

Math achievers make an effort to learn the concepts and strategies. Some kids struggle with difficult concepts such as fractions, part-whole, bar-models at first but with time and effort, all of them improve and achieve success.

3. Learning Attitude

These kids love to learn and they know that mistakes are part of the journey. They embrace their mistakes and learn from them under the guidance of their teachers.
Having a high IQ or being “good in Math” isn’t a prerequisite for success. All kids can be awesome in Math if they consistently follow the program, make the effort to learn and embrace a positive learning attitude.

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