Mathemagis Singapore Math in your neighborhood preschools

Mathemagis has partnered with various preschools in Metro Manila which share the same vision of a Math program that is more developmentally appropriate, focused on conceptual understanding, driven by discovery learning,  and most importantly, enjoyable for preschoolers 4 to 6 years old. The Mathemagis  preschool program will be offered in the following schools this 2013.

Child Matters
67 Main Horshoe Drive, Horshoe Village, Quezon City
506.2141 / 0917.552.44.53
Teacher Monique Carlos

LEAP School for Young Children
30 Greenmeadows Avenue,
Greenmeadows Quezon City
Teacher Ciara Lazatin-Mapa

NS Montessori Center
28 Salazar St. BF Homes QC
Mrs. Nieva Subong

Do you want to offer Mathemagis’ Singapore Math program in your school?
Give us a call at 216.8711.