Jan 30

Mathemagis has partnered with various preschools in Metro Manila which share the same vision of a Math program that is more developmentally appropriate, focused on conceptual understanding, driven by discovery learning,  and most importantly, enjoyable for preschoolers 4 to 6 years old. The Mathemagis  preschool program will be offered in the following schools this 2013.

Child Matters
67 Main Horshoe Drive, Horshoe Village, Quezon City
506.2141 / 0917.552.44.53
Teacher Monique Carlos

LEAP School for Young Children
30 Greenmeadows Avenue,
Greenmeadows Quezon City
Teacher Ciara Lazatin-Mapa

NS Montessori Center
28 Salazar St. BF Homes QC
Mrs. Nieva Subong

Do you want to offer Mathemagis’ Singapore Math program in your school?
Give us a call at 216.8711.

Jan 30

Kids 3 – 6 years old are in for a cool treat this summer with Junior Math Champs. Through discovery learning, hands-on activities, group games and individual work, preschoolers will hone their number sense, measurement, computation, geometric and statistical skills in fun-filled sessions.

Batch 1 – April 1 – 12 (Patterns, functions and Algebra and Number Sense)
Batch 2 – April 15 – 26 (Geometry and Measurements)
Batch 3 – April 29 – May 10 (Operations / Mass and Volume)
Batch 4 – May 13 – 24 (Statistics, Patterns and geometry)

10 sessions per batch / M-F

Call us now to reserve a slot and get discounts when you enroll on or before Feb 15, 2013. 🙂
Jan 23

Mathemagis’ Singapore Math covers core content areas of Math learning and skills development.

1. Conceptual Understanding

Students learn the whys before the hows and understand the underlying mathematical principles behind common shortcuts and formulas.  An emphasis on conceptual understanding allows students to solve seemingly complex problems with ease.
Traditional Math:  5 x 3 = ?
Singapore Math:  5 x 3 = 5 x 2 + ?
Level 2 (grade 2) students will be able to answer this based on a conceptual understanding of multiplication (no algebra, please).

2. Procedural Mastery

Knowledge and mastery of mathematical procedures are developed AFTER conceptual understanding.

3. Mental Computations strategy

Students learn various mental computation strategies on top of pen and paper calculations.

4. Use of Bar model in word problems.

Students  develop visualization and analytical skills needed to learn higher mathematics such as trigonometry and calculus through the use of bar-models as early as level 1 (grade 1).
Traditional Math Algebra Word Problem : Jose’s present age is 1/7 of his father’s age.  His father will be 61 years old in 5 years’ time. In how many years’ time will Jose’s age be 1/5 of his father’s age?
Singapore Math Level 5 (Grade 5) Word Problem: Jose’s present age is 1/7 of his father’s age.  His father will be 61 years old in 5 years’ time. In how many years’ time will Jose’s age be 1/5 of his father’s age?
Level 5 students will be able to answer the above problem using the bar-model approach.  Yes, without using algebra!  Singapore math focuses on visualization, analysis and strategies for breaking down complex word problems — allowing grade 5 students to answer questions normally reserved for Algebra.

5. Heuristics

Mathemagis teaches various strategies that can be applied to word problems aside from the bar-model approach.  This makes students more versatile and exposed to a wide range of word problems both mathematical and practical.
The Mathemagis Singapore math program covers all content areas and skills development in mastering primary school math and preparing students for higher order math such as Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus.