Gear up your children for K-12


The implementation of DepEd’s K-12 program is underway and has started taken effect since last school year in the Philippines.  In line with this, private schools are making or have already announced adjustments in their curriculum to comply with the government’s K-12 program.  Some schools will move their grade 7 program to their HS department, others did bridging programs this summer.  On the other hand,  some schools opted for mass acceleration or re-labeling of student levels (Grade 1 students last year will be in Grade 3 this coming school year). Although the over-all goals of K-12 education are laudable, students in transition will have to go through a period of adjustment especially in subjects, such as Math, where topics and skills build on previous knowledge and experience.

Is your child ready for the K-12 transition in Math? Math skills are cumulative and a strong foundation goes a long way in ensuring continued confidence and success. Math skills such as critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving skills take time to master. One way to determine your child’s math competence is to do an assessment. The assessment test will identify the student’s strengths, gaps and weaknesses in math concepts in the previous grade.  Knowledge and skill gaps can be addressed this early to ensure a smoother transition to the k-12 program and life long success for your child.

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