Jan 18

Happy New Year to all of you! Hope you started the year right with your New Year’s resolutions as we did ours – starting with studying ahead (vs cramming) and loving and sharing Maths love as we all aim to achieve better grades this year at school!

Nope, resolutions are not meant to be broken 🙂

This year, we look forward to our growth mindset, continuous learning, and readiness to face challenges! 🙂

Jan 17
Most schools send only the top 1% of their student population to Math competitions. Apart from the top 1%, Mathemagis believes in training and grooming a greater majority, the next generation of Math competition participants.
Mathemagis is now training International Singapore Maths 2017 competition-ready and competition development teams. If you think your child is ready, or if you’d like your child to be groomed for competition, find out more about the Mathemagis Boost and Boost Plus+ programs. Call your nearest center today.