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What if your child has access to over 65,000 word problems questions and video solutions anytime? 

What if your child can develop over 700 math skills from grades 1 to 6 aligned with the latest Singapore Ministry of Education Maths syllabus?

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Problem Sums by Koobits, the top online mathematics portal for grade school students in Singapore, is now in the Philippines.  Students can login and access maths videos, word problems, homework and participate in Math challenges from anywhere with an internet connection.

Want to learn more about Koobits and how it can help your kids boost their math skills?

Mr. Stanley Han, CEO of Koobits, Pte Ltd Singapore, will be in Manila on July 15 to talk about how the right kind of e-learning games improve motivation and mathematical skills.  He will also officially launch Koobits in the Philippines.

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