Feb 23

Girls from Assumption Makati experienced the joy and wonder of math through Mathemagis’ various hands-on activities in geometry, addition and subtraction through number bonds and balancing equations using the number balance.

With the opening of Mathemagis’ Singapore Maths enrichment center in Cedar building Arnaiz Ave, Makati this coming March, pretty girls can be pretty good in Math.

Please call 0917.816.6129  or  907.97.33 for Singapore Math summer program offerings at Mathemagis Makati.

Feb 20

In Mathemagis, students spend 80% of their time working on word problems and getting feedback from teachers, instead of just listening to lectures or working on their own.

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Feb 11

Your kids can now enjoy the wonders of Singapore Math in the convenience of their own preschool. Call the preschool nearest you for schedule details.

Child Matters (summer 2014)
67 Main Horseshoe Drive Horseshoe Village, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel 477.7300, 506.2141
Email: thechildmatters@gmail.com

DML Montessori School
46 7th Street, New Manila
Tel 722.4979
Email: info@dmlpreschool.com

7 Dumaguete St. Philam Homes Subdivision, Quezon City
Tel 0917.895.0005

Kindergarten Camp Learning Center (summer 2014)
47 Ticzon Park, P. Olivares St. Antipolo City
Tel 0918-9258400

LEAP school for young children
30 Greenmeadows Avenue, Greenmeadows Quezon City
Tel 634.4896, 633.0270, 0917.883.LEAP

Learning Jungle The Fort
F112-F113 Forbeswood Heigths
Forbes Town Center, Rizal Drive
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Tel 915-2773, 0917.813.3395, 0920.922.7010
Email: fort-ph@learningjungle.com

Rainbowroom Learning Center (summer 2014)
Children’s Center, Tivoli Garden Clubhouse
Tivoli Garden
Mandaluyong City
Tel 0917.792.7656, 871.4376


Feb 8

Mathemagis conducts parent seminars on Singapore Maths to help parents understand and appreciate this effective approach in learning and teaching Maths.

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Feb 1

Various studies show that many students have difficulty with word problems. In fact,  70% of parents who participated in our survey revealed that their kids have difficulties in word problem solving.

Why is word problem solving a challenge for a majority of students?

A British researcher identified various categories of difficulties students experience when tackling word problems:
  1. Reading and understanding the language and words used in the problem.
  2. Recognizing and imagining the context of the word problem.
  3. Forming a number sentence or equation to represent the Mathematics involved.
  4. Carrying out mathematical calculations.
  5. Interpreting the answer in the context of the question.
To address those difficulties, students of Singapore math use the model method to visualize and draw a model.  This approach aids in comprehension, organization and visualization skills needed to break down and solve simple to complex word problems. Moreover, this method fosters algebraic thinking so students are more prepared to learn Algebra.

The best time to develop children’s problem-solving skills is today. Before they experience setbacks and label themselves “not good in math”.

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