This Dragon Year, bring out the best in your child with our Singapore Maths summer fest

Junior Math Champs (4-6yo)

Lay the best foundation for your young child’s math skills in this playful approach to building number sense using Singapore’s effective method. Young kids will develop their numeracy, analytical and pattern-making skills in this hands-on approach to learning and loving and math!

Master the Art of Bar-Modeling (7yo and up)

Make your kids master Singapore’s effective approach to word problems — the bar model method. Students using the traditional and singapore math curricula will benefit from this visual method of analyzing word problems which helps them solve simple to complex word problems in an engaging way. Students will be grouped according to assessment results. (Call now for free assessment)

Thinking out of the box (7yo and up)

Kids will have a blast in learning creative methods in analyzing a variety of mathematical problems that cannot be solved using the bar-model approach. Thinking out of the box will help them see math in ways they’ve never seen before.

All programs will run in three batches:
Batch 1 April 10 – 20
Batch 2 April 23 – May 5
Batch 3 May 7 – 18

Limited slots only! Register before Feb 15 and get a discount! 🙂

Call 387-6602 or 0932-843-5551 now to register.