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Hello Parents!☀️

MatheMagis Greenhills is NOW OPEN and closer to you!🎉👏💕

Thinking of letting your child take a break from academics this summer?🤔

Think again! If your child continues his/her 2-3hrs/wk MATHS VITAMINS this summer, we would:

✅ PREVENT summer Maths learning loss
✅ BRIDGE any Maths gaps to prepare for next school yr
✅ EQUIP or ADVANCE your child for next school year!

Visit our Greenhills Maths fitness center so you can avail of:
✅ A FREE diagnostic assessment for your child
✅ A customized schedule is given your child’s various summer activities ☀️🤸‍♂️⛹🏻‍♂️🏊🏻‍♂️


Apr 16




Avoid Summer Maths learning loss!
Gear up and work on mastery for advancement or bridge Math gaps this summer!
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Jan 24




Start 2019 right by committing MORE TIME to your child’s #MathsFitness program. Boost your child’s confidence and interest in Maths and GET 2 FREE SESSIONS! 😍

Take Maths Skill-building vitamins. Avoid Maths medications. 👍🏻 Discover the JOY in Maths, Problem-solving, and overall Learning. 💕

🕑 Promo starts TODAY Jan. 24-31, 2019. Limited time only!

Call now and schedule your child’s FREE ASSESSMENT! ☺️

☎️ MatheMagis Center hotlines:
Alabang Town Center: 805.2975 / 0917.802.2720
Greenbelt 5: 501.1607 / 0917.816.6129
Serendra: 833.7374 / 0917.635.5940



Jan 10




You don’t need a new year to change your child’s Math Habits. All you need is TODAY!

Start 2019 right by creating your child’s #MathsFitness plan! Take Maths Skill-building vitamins. 💊 Avoid Maths Medications. 🙅🏻‍♀️

#BOOST Maths Confidence ❤️
#BOOST Maths Interest 😍

Discover the JOY in Maths and in Problem Solving. 💕

☎️ Schedule your child’s FREE ASSESSMENT now!




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