Sep 18
   What Parents/Students are saying about Mathemagis?

Sep 15

Clarence, a grade 2 student looks very interested learning how to write numbers! It is important for our kids to see, touch and use numbers throughout the day to master his Maths! Good Job Clarence! 😀

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Aug 29

Aug 29

Hello parents!

Some students have recently gone back to school, while a few others are just about to start. As we all start SY 2017-18, we review our TO DO checklists, reflect on what worked and didn’t work for us last school year, and create action plans on how to help our kids be more efficient and succeed this year.

Resolution: No more cramming!
We’re happy to share with you some tips we’ve learned from research!

1. Recognize ‘wants’ vs ‘needs’
Goal: Teaches kids how to prioritize things to do.
Eg. Finish homework before playtime

2. Take one out, put one in.
Goal: Avoid overcluttering and mess when arranging school things and toys.

3. Use containers, Sort, Categorize, and Label school work and school supplies in study area. 
Goal: Organized same things together. Determine group type. Label.
Eg. Labels – Art supplies, Reference books, Assorted papers, Keep homework and tests in separate envelopes labelled per subject, etc.

4. Teach child to keep a personal calendar. 
Goal: Helps child plan in advance, stick to deadlines, work backwards on steps towards achieving goal
Eg. Include afterschool activities, schedule of tests and exams, HW and project due dates, birthday parties, holidays.

5. Look at next day’s activities. Check if homework and needed things are in bag. 
Goal: Teaches kids how to anticipate and plan.
Eg. Equipment – make sure PE kit, ballet things, swimming gear are in the bag.

6. Make daily Checklists. 
Goal: Keeps track of what needs to be done.
Eg. Create checklist for things To Do tomorrow. Check off what’s done. Transfers unfinished items to next day’s list.

7. Put sticky note reminders – in one place – with deadlines – and check off once done
Eg. Home Diary, personal calendar, or bulletin board

8. Break big projects into smaller steps
Goal: Make big projects easier to manage independently
Eg. Break a science project into small steps – jot down ideas, shortlist ideas, write down materials, gather supplies before starting experiment




Aug 16

Jul 28

Congratulations to more Mathemagis students who have done their best and made us all proud! Go PHILIPPINES! 


Jul 28


Congratulations to more Mathemagis students who have done their best and made us all proud! Go PHILIPPINES!WMIF
Jun 8
We are so proud of all of the MatheMagis students who participated and all who placed in several local and foreign competitions! Keep aiming high. This is only the beginning!

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Should you wish your child to join the MatheMagis Competition Team and Competition Development Team, feel free to email us with your mobile no. at We will contact you.

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